22 and 23 Weeks

It’s time for another 2 in 1 post. You know what that means – we’ve been on the road and there’s just no time for blogging on the road. Just wait, next month we’re going on vacation which means I might have to combine 3 weeks into one post. Be ready – 3 weeks + vacation means a LOT of pictures!

So much is happening with Charlotte that I hardly know where to begin! She’s had many new experiences in the last couple of weeks and is still growing like crazy.


22 Weeks


23 Weeks

On the 4th of July Charlotte took her first ride on the Metro. We ventured to downtown LA for the festivities and fireworks at Grand Park. Charlotte loved the crowds and watching the people, as well as the fireworks. The first big boom startled her, then she was happy as could be watching the bright, colorful lights flashing across the sky. She also went into a Porta potty for the first time, as she was asleep in the Ergo and waking her up seemed like a bad idea. I’m just surprised that she slept through the stinkiness and heat in the confined space!


Daddy and Charlotte


Mommy and Charlotte


Such a happy girl – in spite of the rash on her face!


Charlotte couldn’t stop watching all the people!

On July 6, we celebrated (and by celebrated I  mean we took a picture) Charlotte’s 5 month birthday! I can’t believe she’s already 5 months. Being 5 months old, means Charlotte now loves to roll multiple times in a row and if you turn your head even for a few moments you’ll find her on the other side of the room (often pushed up against a piece of furniture that she can’t quite maneuver around).


5 Months Old

Charlotte also took her 3rd trip on an airplane – not bad for being 5 months old! I had a work trip in Nashville so we flew through Indianapolis to pick up Grandma who spent some quality time with Charlotte in the blazing heat and humidity of Nashville while I was at a conference. Flying to/from Indiana also meant Charlotte got to spend some time with Grandpa who couldn’t go to Nashville b/c he had to work.






It’s fun to watch Charlotte become so much more engaged with her surroundings. Her eyes light up when she sees us preparing her bottle. She loves to hold onto her bottle on her own (which sometimes is VERY convenient!). She learned how to knock over stacks of blocks this week too. She was quite proud of herself! Of course, being more engaged with her surroundings has a downside too. She’s becoming very aware when I walk out of the room, which is usually followed by some tears and screaming (from her, not me).


She loves playing in this! And I think it’s good exercise because she’s been taking some good naps!

She loves to cuddle and be held. She loves touching our faces and holding onto our fingers while she’s eating, or sometimes just resting her hand on our arms. She’s also figured out how to put her toes in her mouth – another skill she’s very proud of!


Solid foods is another new thing in Charlotte’s life. We’ve given her some oatmeal and peas so far. She’s not quite sure what to think and makes the funniest faces, but she loves the spoon and bib. We’re not in a hurry, but are enjoying introducing her to new textures and flavors.


The first taste


She loved holding the spoon herself.


So messy!

That’s all for this week! See you again next week – and congratulations if you made it all the way to the bottom of this post. I am impressed!


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