28 Weeks

Charlotte is changing so much every day. It’s a joy to watch her explore and discover new things. Here’s a little bit of what she’s been up to.

At 28 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Continues to suck on her 2 left fingers, but now likes to use her right hand to tug on her hair. It’s like she just discovered she has her own hair to pull! Now if only that meant she pulled my hair less…
  • Scoots and army crawls like crazy.
  • Shows NO interest whatsoever in sitting up.
  • Loves to explore – particularly things that are bright and make noises like computers and cell phones. I walked away from my computer for less than a minute only to come back and find Charlotte looking intently at the screen, fingers poised over the keys and a LOT of windows up on my screen!
  • Seems to have another tooth or two coming in soon.
  • Wiggled her way out of her clothes last night while sleeping.  I guess this means one piece sleepers ONLY for her from now on!
  • Cries between bites of food because it’s just not fast enough for her. We think she’s exerting a lot of energy with all her moving around, making her extra hungry. We’re settling into a good routine of having solids twice a day now. Usually fruit mixed with cereal in the morning, and veggies for dinner.
  • Loves the sound of her voice. She is constantly talking, squawking, cooing and making happy noises.






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