The First Year

Nearly 3 months have passed since our last blog and it’s certainly not due to a lack of things to tell you about!  From 2 stays in the hospital, Charlotte’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, to standing, cruising, crawling, and even a couple of wobbly steps, to 5 new teeth (7 total), diaper blowouts that rival those newborn explosions and lots of babbling, we are absolutely blown away that our baby girl turns 1 this week!  How did all these little moments turn into a year?!

As we scoop Charlotte (all 20 something pounds of her!) up into our arms, we see a little girl, so different from that tiny 6 lb 1.5 oz baby we welcomed into the world last February.  She’s provided much joy and laughter and she’s inspired much awe – at first for her tininess and now her “hugeness”. We cannot stroke her soft, chubby cheeks or tickle her ribs (which results in belly laughs) enough. Exhaustion comes, but the beauty and joy always surpass our weariness.

I can’t talk about how much Charlotte has grown and changed without recognizing that we too have changed.

I suppose it should seem obvious that becoming a parent will change you.  Perspective. Priorities. There were some defining moments along the way…  Taking your baby to the ER and being admitted into the hospital takes what you know about parenting to a whole new level.  So does both parents being down with the stomach flu with a very active 11 month old…  And that was all just last month! Yes, as time has passed we have definitely been initiated into a new level of parenthood and I can only imagine what that will look like in the years to come.  But it’s not just the crises and major events that have changed us- it’s the choices you intentionally (or often subconsciously) make day to day.

The day to day choice to TRUST that God loves your baby more than you. The choice to BELIEVE that His grace is enough to fills the gaps of your own human inadequacies. Choosing to RELINQUISH the illusion of control you think you have over your life and your child’s life.  The choice to FIX YOUR EYES on Him when more things than every before threaten to draw your focus. The choice to EMBRACE the chaos and BE THANKFUL.

And with time, I believe all those little choices help us reflect the beauty of Christ a little more. For us, it all started with the beauty of the arrival of our Charlotte Quinn on February 6, 2015.



And Now!