Weeks 19 and 20

Due to last week’s travel, I’m a week behind on our blog! Don’t worry – you’ll get an extra long post today to make up for it! It also means I have nearly 400 photos to sort through to find a few highlights for today’s blog. I recently started using Than’s camera which is much nicer than mine so I think I’ve gone a little overboard playing with it!

Charlotte is growing like crazy – and so is her hair! But she’s got a long ways to go until the hair on the top of her head catches up with the long hair in back. Haha. Here she is at 19 and 20 weeks.


19 Weeks


20 Weeks

At 19 and 20 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Got her 4 month immunizations. They resulted in a LOT of sleepiness, some serious fussiness and screaming, little knots on her thighs and her first dose of Tylenol. Poor baby – it was a couple of rough days!
  • Loves to cover her face and hide under her burp cloths.
  • Gets her legs stuck in between the slats on her crib. Oops. We will be getting a mesh liner soon!
  • Took her 2nd trip on an airplane. The red-eye wasn’t quite as easy¬†as the last flight and she didn’t get much sleep. However she did great on the way home (where she got a seat to herself as there was an extra seat by us – yay) and she enjoyed giving huge smiles to all our fellow passengers.
  • Reached her arms out to Mama for the first time. So sweet. She also likes to cry when I leave the room… That’s not quite as sweet.
  • Met Aunt Anita, lots of Mommy’s Chicago friends, Charlotte-ish sized friends Aliza, Meredith and Jadon, and of course had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Northcutt.
  • Went swimming for the first time. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it- to her it was probably just like a giant bath tub and she still loves bath time!
  • Visited the zoo. Actually, it would be more accurate to say she slept through her first trip to the zoo! But we still had fun!
  • Not only enjoys chomping on her own fingers, but also loves to grab other people’s fingers and thumbs and guide them directly into her mouth.
  • Rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time!
  • Is reverting back to her newborn ways of getting up several times in the night. I think it’s a combination of a little jet lag and a growth spurt, but it is brutal! I was totally readjusted to sleeping through the night again and hope to get back to that place soon.
  • Is obsessed with Freddie the Firefly – it’s definitely her favorite toy right now. She can’t get enough of him.
  • Smiles like crazy and giggles more and more. She loves attention, people and raspberries on her belly.

Charlotte loves cuddling with Daddy.


The baby who used to despise tummy time rather enjoys it now – yay!


Rain! A downpour! We don’t see much of that in California!


Steph has the magic touch for putting babies to sleep.


No idea what Charlotte is looking at here…


Meeting Aunt Anita for the first time!


As much as she loves Freddie the Firefly, even he can’t beat the fun of eating her clothes!


Aliza and Charlotte


They don’t have a choice – they WILL be friends! ūüôā


Checking out more friends.


Jadon and Meredith loved Charlotte’s belly button. Haha.


Almost matching!


Swimming fun!


Swimming is exhausting! Charlotte was so ready for cuddles with Grandma after her swim.


Father’s Day 2015 – Celebrating her wonderful Daddy!


Who is that tickling my foot?! It’s Great Grandpa!


We love Grandpa!


Great Grandpa


More Grandpa – Charlotte can barely contain her excitement!


Pretty special to spend Father’s Day with Grandpa, Daddy and Great Grandpa!


Charlotte LOVES kisses.


Grandma and Grandpa loved pushing sleepy Charlotte around at the zoo.


Mr. Walrus


As much as she loves her giraffe Sophie, it’s too bad she slept through the real giraffes!


Family pic!


Fun day at the zoo – at least Charlotte got a great nap in!

And last, but not least, a few family photos from a photo shoot at Target.

P22-a0614 P19-38784 P1-7cab9


18 Weeks

We’ve just returned from Charlotte’s 4 month check up with the pediatrician. We love our pediatrician and we’ll miss her whenever we move away from Pasadena. Here’s her latest stats (my favorite part of check-ups):

Weight: 12 lbs, 13 oz (19th%)

Length: 24 3/4″ (59%)

Head Size: 39 3/4 cm (23%)


At 18 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Spends a lot of time on her side as sometimes she just can’t get her arm out of the way to roll from her back to her tummy.
  • Wakes up every night during the 3 am hour. That sleeping through the night thing was short lived, but I am confident we can get back to that place!
  • Loves to “sing” and blow raspberries.
  • Enjoyed a day in Malibu. She loved looking around at the beach!
  • Successfully stayed in the church nursery for the entire service!
  • Chews on Sophie the giraffe like crazy.
  • Has a mullet. Even the pediatrician commented on her hair. Haha. It is so long in back and so NOT everywhere else!

P1120400 P1120386 P1120371 P1120353 P1120349 P1120327 P1120324 P1120307 P1120304 P1120295 P1120276 P1120256 P1120253 IMG_7284 IMG_7257


17 Weeks – Time Keeps on Rollin’

Seventeen weeks! Charlotte will be 4 months old tomorrow. The time¬†just keep rolling on by. Speaking of rolling…


We are excited to report that Charlotte rolled over for the first time this morning! While most baby’s tend to roll from their tummy to their back, Charlotte has spent much of her week trying her hardest to roll from her back to her tummy. Let me tell you, this little one is persistent. Multiple times this week about 4 am we wake up to some sounds coming from the (video) baby monitor only to find little Charlotte exerting tremendous amounts of effort to (unsuccessfully) roll herself over in her crib. Usually it results in some tears when she just can’t make it all the way over. She just can’t quite figure out what to do with her bottom arm when she’s on her side. Then this morning, out of no where, she was laying on her tummy when she rolled herself right over to her back. I happened to be trying to take her weekly picture during this time so we have a blurry action shot of her about to go over, as well as an after shot where she’s laying on her back trying to figure out what happened.


Oh, and one more thing on the topic of “ROLLing”.¬†Baby rolls. Charlotte is definitely plumping up (we are excited to see how much she weighs and how long she is at her 4 month check up next week) and we adore the little rolls on her arms and thighs. The neck rolls…not so much. They are hard to clean – especially with our little spitter-upper (spit-upper?)!



We are loving this age with Charlotte. I think if I could freeze her at any age I would pick now. Actually I would pick 3 days ago when she was still sleeping through the night (hello 4 month sleep regression….you arrived right on time!). She’s so smiley and fun. She gives us an occasional giggle. She loves to talk back to you (not in the teenager way) when you talk to her and her face just lights up when you look at her and smile. We love how she grasps our fingers while we feed her and holds on tight. And while she’s so much more interactive, she’s still small enough that she loves to curl up in your arms and sleep on your chest. We really can’t get enough of these moments!

P1120216 P1120233 P1120247 P1120188 IMG_7229 IMG_7212

16 Weeks

Memorial Day has come and gone. Summer is officially here. We’ll be celebrating with some 90 degree weather this weekend which might be a welcome change from the “May Gray” days we’ve been experiencing lately.

Today Charlotte is 16 weeks old and she….


Giggled for the first time this week! It’s adorable. I can’t wait until she giggles more.


Continues to make new discoveries with her voice. Noisy discoveries. More volume. More sounds. And she’s just so happy with herself with every new noise she makes.


Is losing her hair like crazy – at least on the top of her head. Soon she’s going to either look like a little old man who just has hair in the back or like she has a mullet because up to this point it doesn’t look like she’s lost any from the back.


Went to work with Daddy. Her first meeting in a conference room. Her first diaper change in a conference room…that was interrupted by a fire drill! Never hurts to start teaching safety from a very young age!



Continues to sleep through the night and is starting to take longer naps during the day. A win-win for us all  I think. She loves to nap strapped to me in the Ergo while I work in the afternoons. It puts her head/cheek right within kissing range of my lips so I think we both enjoy these cuddles.

IMG_7119And just for fun, here are a few more pictures!

IMG_7139 IMG_7124 IMG_7121 IMG_7106 IMG_7092

15 Weeks

Week 15 has been a big week of learning and development and change around here! I returned back to work and am so grateful that I work from home and can enjoy mommy life and work life. We are still working on figuring out our routine but I think we’re off to a good start!


At 15 weeks, Charlotte…

Went to her first baseball game! Go Dodgers! Impressively, she slept through a tremendous amount of noise and cheering, but woke up in time for the 7th inning stretch. She loves singing, so I am pretty sure she enjoyed a stadium with 46,000+ people singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.


Saw her first fireworks display! After the initial boom which startled her, she was enthralled. I’m not sure if she blinked for the entire show!


Fills our home with lots of coos, squeals and even a couple of shrieks. She loves to listen to herself make noise.


Brings great joy to the guests who attend the Sunday Community Meal. Her presence there truly does seem to have a calming effect on the sometimes tense atmosphere. It’s a beautiful thing to see. They love to try and get her to smile and touch her little feet.


Lifts her head like a champ! We’ve seen great progress this week for her. Tummy time had been brutal, then one day, wearing nothing but a diaper she surprised us all and kept her head lift and looking around for a great amount of time! It seemed to happen overnight and we are glad she’s reached this milestone.

P1120024 P1120052

Appears to pray. A lot. Charlotte loves to have her hands clasped together like she’s praying. She also loves to eat her hands. Sometimes it’s hard to get them out of her mouth for her to eat real food!


Constantly drools.


Loves when Mommy and Daddy hold her up in a standing position, as she puts some weight on those ever growing legs!


Slept through the night!! Yes, I think I saved the best for last! I mean she slept the full night. Bedtime until almost 6 am (which is when Mom gets up anyway!) ¬†Let’s hope that wasn’t a one time thing last night!


Falls asleep for her catnaps in all sorts of places!

13 Weeks


13 Week Update…

  • Found out Charlotte shares a name with the new princess. Exciting, but kind of a bummer that the name is probably going to increase drastically in popularity!
  • Attended her first tea party.
  • First attempt at the church nursery. She didn’t stay long but at least we have her registered for the future! ¬†We’ll give it a try again soon.
  • Loves taking cat naps throughout the day. Sometimes they last all of 6 minutes. But if it means she sleeps pretty well at all (8 hours straight one night this week!) I am fine with the cat naps!
  • Met lots of great-aunts and uncles and cousins last week at a 60th wedding anniversary celebration.
  • Celebrated 3 months of life on May 6!
  • Gives lots of smiles to whoever is willing to sing silly songs to her!
  • Can’t take her eyes off screens – phone, laptop, tv – she loves it. We don’t want her to spend too much time behind the screen this early so we are going to have to be careful with our use. I must say though, she’s very content watching me type away at this blog post while sitting on my lap which could be handy when I return to work!



IMG_6665 IMG_6668


IMG_6720 IMG_6723

IMG_6741 IMG_6774 IMG_6796 P1110793

P1110756 P1110760 P1110780 P1110788 P1110849 P1110869

3 Months of our Growing Girl

In celebration of Charlotte’s 3 month birthday I decided to pull up all of her weekly photos from the last 12 weeks. It’s so fun to look at them in order and to see how much she’s grown. And how wiggly she is¬†– it was so easy to get that week 1 photo with her all sleepy and cozy! Now it’s hard to get a photo where an arm or leg isn’t flailing or kicking one way or another!

IMG_4846Charlotte - Week 1Charlotte - Week 2 Charlotte - Week 3 Charlotte - Week 4

Charlotte -  Week 5 Charlotte - Week 6 Charlotte - Week 7 Charlotte - Week 8 Charlotte - Week 9 Charlotte - Week 10 Charlotte - Week 11 (1) Charlotte - Week 12

12 Weeks

12 weeks ago little Charlotte Quinn was born! I can hardly believe it’s been 12 weeks. ¬†She’s definitely not so little anymore. I am amazed at how much she’s changed recently. I’m totally grateful for my unplanned c-section right now because it means I still have¬†2 weeks of time fully devoted to her on maternity leave before diving back into work!


At 12 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Was spoiled rotten in Indiana during her first visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
  • Met Great Grandpa.
  • Met more family and friends than Mom can count – and she’s excited to meet more this summer!
  • Sneezes a few times each day – especially in Indiana where everything was blooming.
  • Did great on her second flight (home from Indiana) – thanks to an early morning flight, her swaddle and another entire row to ourselves, she slept nearly the whole way home!
  • Loves watching TV (thanks to bonding time with Grandpa watching westerns – hehe. We are now weaning her off TV, but anytime it’s on her eyes are glued to it.)
  • Is so much more interactive with her toys. She’s really starting to enjoy them now and enjoys a variety of toys during play time. She even (probably inadvertently) kicked a little ball she has. ¬†Future soccer player, perhaps?
  • Smiles like crazy! Smiles that light her whole face up – especially when she sees/hears Mom and Dad!
  • Is starting to get on more of a schedule – following the eat, wake, sleep schedule. It’s going pretty well and I hope she’s very adjusted to this routine when I return to work!
  • Held her bottle on her own for the first time today! Don’t worry – we aren’t letting her loose to feed herself her bottles yet – just fun to see her grasp on to it and hold it in place for a bit.

P1110574 Meeting Great Grandpa!

P11105824 Generations! P1110586 P1110595Meeting Great-Great Aunt Frankie. And no, this isn’t photo-shopped. I am really that much taller than her. ¬†Hello awkward family photo!
P1110601 P1110607 P1110631 ¬†Charlotte loves her elephant Daddy got her when she was born!P1110635 Charlotte with Mommy’s favorite bear from childhood and Daddy’s favorite raccoon!P1110647Grandma and Grandpa!
P1110649 P1110662 Charlotte is going to love the porch swing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.P1110665 P1110705

IMG_6274 IMG_6534 IMG_6616 SO happy to see Daddy when we returned home!IMG_6622

10 Weeks

Each week it’s fun to see more and more of who Charlotte is and who she is becoming. We enjoy sharing little glimpses of her each week on our blog, especially for our family and friends who live so far away!


At 10 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Usually sleeps for one 6-7 hour stretch at night. I think this makes up for her dislike of naps during the day!
  • Went for her 2 month well-baby check up. She’s growing well! At her 2 week appointment she was in the 2nd percentile for weight and 41st percentile for length and now at 2 months she’s up to the 22nd percentile in weight and 55th for length.
  • Had her first round of shots at the doctor. She was very brave during the shots. Later that day she was quite sleepy (as the doctor said she probably would be) but the tears and crankiness came a couple of days later.
  • Scoots like crazy during tummy time. She used to enjoy tummy time, but unfortunately that is not the case now. It results in some serious screaming – we’re trying to be persistent with it though! I think she gets frustrated because she just can’t move as much as she’d like.
  • Grabs onto the toys that hang over her play mat and occasionally her taggy bunny. When she grabs onto the toys hanging above her during playtime, she hangs on for dear life – we are impressed with how strong she is. Oh and speaking of strong, beware of her little legs. She can kick REALLY hard and I’m pretty sure it’s her legs that are helping her scoot so far when on her tummy!
  • Still loves sucking on her hand – sometimes she even finds just her thumb now!
  • Enjoys music! She particularly loves songs with motions that Mom and Dad do with her like Row, Row Row Your Boat and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She also likes listening to Veggie Tales on Spotify while playing.
  • Got her paci back in her mouth all by herself twice this week! Yes, it might have been an accident but I’d like to think it shows her determination. ūüôā
  • Blows lots of bubbles. You know how kids usually have a blankie or toy they love for comfort? I’m afraid that Charlotte might opt for a burp cloth because between her bubbles and drool and spit-up there’s always a burp cloth nearby and I’ve definitely caught her snuggling it a couple of times.
  • Almost rolled over for the first time!


Meeting our friend Delaney!

IMG_6055  And our friend Heather!

IMG_6062  All the girls!


Charlotte loves time on her play mat – as long as she’s on her back!

IMG_6075 IMG_6081

Cuddles with Daddy while waiting for the pediatrician.

IMG_6082  Brave Charlotte waiting for her shots.

IMG_6092 IMG_6098 IMG_6106 See where she started and see where she ended up Рin no time at all it seemed!


Very unsure about the Bumbo seat!


Ahhh – her red hair!!

IMG_6129 IMG_6139 IMG_6158  Blowing bubbles with her doll from cousin Lydia.

IMG_6161  Aww kissing the baby!


9 Weeks

One more week and we’ll be in double digits! The time is going so fast and I’ll be back to work before we know it. But in the meantime I’m just trying to enjoy this relaxing time we have to bond on no one’s schedule but our own!

Charlotte survived the¬†fast for her abdominal ultrasound last Saturday. It was probably more difficult for Than and me – it’s torture hearing your baby cry and cry, knowing that she’s trying to tell you she’s hungry with no way to explain to her why you are depriving her (temporarily) of food. All in all though, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. She eventually kind of gave up and was pretty mellow as long as we kept her paci near! She practically wore that thing out as we waited for her appointment! We will find out the results at Charlotte’s 2 month pediatrician appointment on Monday.

We had a quiet Easter – enjoying a morning at church from the soundproof room at the back, and a quiet and relaxing brunch and afternoon at home.

In other news, at 9 weeks Charlotte…

  • Loves to suck on her hand – and it’s impressive how much of her fist she can fit in her mouth!
  • Slept 7 hours straight last night!! Mom was excited to report a 5 hour stretch which feels like nothing compared to last night! Unfortunately Mom has yet to get 7 hours straight of sleep, as Charlotte slept from 7 pm – 2 am! But it is still fantastic progress!
  • Has fussy evenings, like so many other babies. Dinnertime around here is rough most nights and we are still trying to figure out something to calm her down in her most extreme moments of fussiness, though swinging through the air seems to help (see photo below).
  • Enjoys being read to!
  • Loves splashing around (with a little help from Dad) in the bathtub.
  • Had her first cloth diaper blowout. It was not a pleasant sight…
  • Has a new favorite song – the 10 Commandments song. Mom just randomly started singing it while changing her diaper and it was received with big smiles and coos – so we keep singing it!

Lots of pictures this week – between Easter, turning 2 months old and just being cute, we have a lot of photos to share!

IMG_5924¬† Charlotte’s first trip to ¬†Costco! She’s good for helping us save money, as she takes up most of the cart!

IMG_5931  Charlotte loves her little giraffe rattle.

IMG_5944  New booties Рperfect for a chilly evening!

IMG_5952 Charlotte loves wiggling her sunglasses off her eyes then licking them.IMG_5958  Visiting Daddy at work!

IMG_5961 IMG_5977  Daddy swings  Charlotte back and forth to help calm her down Рshe loves it!

IMG_5984 IMG_6013 P1110443 Representing her Dutch heritage.

P1110454 Cutest bunny around.

P1110469 Happy Easter!

P1110472  1st Easter as a family of 3!

P1110491 Two months old and growing SO fast.

P1110496 P1110507 P1110512 P1110514 P1110531 P1110532